I am Robert

Born in 1990 in Kyrgyzstan – the “Switzerland of Central Asia”.
Growing up in the Black Forest and driven by the fascination of the mountains, my way finally led me to Switzerland. I have always been fascinated by the discovery of new places on our planet and its inhabitants. So I fulfilled my dream of a multi-year trip around the world and was able to fully live out my passion for photography. I would now like to share the skills I have gained and have become self-employed as a photographer.

Some people said I was crazy when I quit my safe and well paid job and went on a voyage of discovery to Asia and Australia for two years. After the first return, they said I was crazy to accept a seasonal job in Engelberg. The echoes got even bigger when I decided to ride a mountain bike across Canada. Camping alone in the wilderness and without contact with the outside world.

Well, I got used to it and it inspired me. So, I took my second seasonal job, this time in Arosa, which became my home. I have always done what I enjoy and that 100%. In 2018 I fulfilled another dream and traveled through Russia on the longest railway road in the world – the Trans-Siberian Railway.

All these moments shaped me and I captured them visually with my camera.

Here I am. Almost 4 years education in travel, photography and culture. I hope you like my work. If you are interested in a shoot or cooperation, I look forward to receive your message.